I am very happy with the sword. The polisher did absolutely perfect job.

I keep visiting your site to view offerings . You have a good choice for sure .

Pictures were great, service was great, packing was great. Couldn't be happier with the sword.

Tsuba received safe and sound, thank you. It is very nice and will work quite well I think for this sword. Again, my sincere thanks for your efforts on my behalf.

I had been looking at several swords on different web sites. Some of the deciding factors for ultimately choosing the one on your site were the excellent photos (the close-ups show every detail), ease of navigation through your site, your willingness to answer my questions promptly and honestly. I will buy from you again.

I received both of the swords today. I really like both of them. Thanks!

(customer commenting on his consignment item) hi Ed, thanks it is fantastic, some stunning photos, very tricky to do ..and a great write up ,if i had the money i would buy it!!!. Thanks Ed. I could not have asked for better.

I was so happy when I find Naginata Noshi in your shop. For me was also important that I will buy the sword from respected and trusted seller without worries that sword has flaws etc.

I love your website.

Received my swords today. Wow, you were not kidding when you said the pictures did not do them justice.  They are 10 times nicer than in the pictures.  Thank you sir.

I've been visiting your site every now and then ever since I saw that Tadamitsu O-dachi some years ago. Seen you have had great (even some affordable to me) nihonto for sale during these years and now I got lucky with perfect timing. I saw that Tokubetsu Hozon O-dachi that sold, and wow that's an amazing sword. I am only 23 maybe some day in as I get older I will be able to have a sword similar to that one. Good thing I didn't mess up that payment. Now I can already feel the excitement building up, like a kid waiting for Christmas.

The sword arrived today. It is fantastic, waaay better than in the photos on your site.

Your site has the best pictures of all the sites I have seen.

Scroll arrived yesterday. I must say it was very well packed. Already up and looks great.

Wow, the wakizashi is much nicer than I expected.  Thanks for patiently answering all my novice questions and walking me through the the process. I will recommend you to all my friends.

Just wanted to confirm receipt of the sword and thank you very much for the great item and help!

Tsuba arrived here safe and sound and they're both really nice, too. Glad I have 'em. It was a pleasure doin' business with you!
Till next time, all the best.

The sword arrived today.  The Dotanuki looks very nice in person. I was surprised at how light it was. I think my favorite part of the sword is the hada. I can't really say why but I find it really appealing. Overall I find the sword to be very enjoyable!

I received the Katana today! it looks even better than pictured!
Thank you very much for the smooth transaction.

Can a guy who’s 6’5 and 255 safely use the word “giddy” when describing a 445 year old Nihonto?  Your photos are great, but in hand it is more than I hoped for.

Ken received. Love it. Keep me on your preferred list with any updates.

I have received the sword today. It's fantastic!!!
Thank you so much for all your help and nice packaging!

Thank you for the quick shipping! I was in the shower when the mail was delivered, and saw the notice when I got out. Literally ran down the block to the USPS truck to pick it up.
It is even more exquisite in hand than the pictures! Thank you also for the lovely boxes. Much appreciated.
Thank you again for making both my first and second tsuba purchases go so well

I just wanted to let you know that the sword arrived without any problems. Wow, what a beautiful katana. Definitely sets a new standard for the collection I'm putting together. I'm just running out the door and just wanted to shoot you a quick email. Thank you very much, Ed. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and I'm looking forward to future dealings.

I think the blade is great, and heavy!, a real meaty blade, looks like it was made to bust other blades lol, for a minute I thought it wasn't going to fit on my kake.

I just picked up the swords. They arrived in good order and are stunning. Thanks for your services, it was a pleasure doing business with you

Remarkable packing job. The blade is awesome. Beefier than I expected. Thanks. Will keep an eye on your site

Me:  Do you think it looks better in hand than in the photos ??  Reply:  Yes, it looks way better in hand than in the photo's!  Makes me wonder what kind of super high tech photo setup your using to make these pics since it brings out scratches you can't even see with the naked eye! :)