Offered on consignment is what I believe to be a type 19 Kyu-Gunto Koshirae. I will be frank in that these WW II koshirae are outside my scope of collecting and I may not be exact on all points when referring to style or type.  The photos can speak for themselves for those of you who may be interested in this aspect of collecting.

It is overall very good condition with  only a couple of small dents in the saya right above the drag. There is a blade included but it is sold as a tsunagi only.  It is a real Japanese sword and I have included a very few photos of it.  The blade has a few flaws like chips, scratches, smudges, bends, hagire, loose grain, rust, shintetsu, etc., did I mention a few flaws :-)

Again, that is why it is included free as a tsunagi, simply to hold the fittings together. No, I will not take any more photos of the blade, it is not worth restoration and is only good for tsunagi or examples of flaws.


$1200 plus S/H