After much thought I have decided to sell a rare and unique power hammer by, DIENELT & EISENHARDT.

DIENELT & EISENHARDT was a company out of Philadelphia, PA. These hammers are referred to as "Deadstroke" Power Hammers.

This is a very rare and unique piece of antique equipment. After much searching, researching, web searching and inquiries I believe this may be the only one of these hammers still in existence. After two years of searching I have not been able to find one other example.

The patent date stamped into this hammer is 1866, and it was manufactured in Philadelphia. PA.

This hammer is designated as a "50" pounder and weighs 3800lbs. Compare this to a "little Giant" 50 pounder which weighs a mere 1800lbs. The sheer mass of this machine is incredible.

It originally was designed to run by a large belt which was common during this time period. It has been converted to run on 220 volt electric current and comes mounted with a Baldor 5hp electric motor.

The hammer is made very simply, but very heavy duty, with only a few moving parts. There are no hidden moving parts and the only maintenance required is greasing the moving parts periodically and perhaps adjusting the pulley tension. Upon initial setup it may require some adjusting after transport to it's new home.

Don't miss this rare piece of American history dating to the end of the Industrial Revolution.

Cash or a Bank Wire Transfer are my preferred method of payment. Other forms of payment can be discussed. However, all payments forms are required to completely clear into my bank account before the hammer can be moved.

The base diameter is approx. 3.5'. By looking at the provided photos you should be able to get a good idea of it's size. The highest point oh the hammer being the top of the motor is approx. 7.5. The weight of this hammer requires a heavy duty machine for loading and unloading.

I will assist in logistics and coordination, however loading, shipping and all related expenses shall be the responsibility of the buyer.

Price:     SOLD

Price does not include any fees associated with loading or transporting of this hammer.

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