3.25" (8.255cm)  X  3.25" (8.255cm)

NAKAGO ANA:  1.125" (2.857cm)  X  0.3125" (0.794cm)

Large Marugata, Kyo-Shoami Tsuba in a Bamboo motif.  The Kyo-Shoami attribution was directly from Bob Haynes.

This is a very large tsuba at well over 3" in diameter.  The bamboo leaves are well carved being scalloped on the front and rounded on the back.

This tsuba was purchased approximately ten years ago in Japan directly from Nick Nakamura of the KTK (Kokusai Tosogu Kai).  It was purchased  by a long time US collector and has only changed hands privately a couple of times, remaining in privte US collections until now. 

A very nice Tsuba which has not been in circulation for well over ten years.