KAEI 1848




His original kuni was Shinano Komoro Akaiwa Mura, and he was the Chakushi of Yamamura Nobukaze. Along with his younger brother Kiyomaro, he entered the Mon of Ueda Toko Kawamura Toshitaka.  Over the years he signed several different mei including KANRI, TOSHIMASA, MASAO, SANEO and TOSHINAGA.  He passed away at age 71, in 1873.

The sugata is Ko-Garasu-Gata with shallow Koshi-zori. The kitae is ko-mokume covered in ji-nie with very tight muji jigane. There is also entwining large flowing masame hada. The hamon is gunome-choji-midare and the habuchi is covered in ara-nie, brushed and streaked with sunagashi. The Boshi is midare komi with a brushed point and long kaeri.  There are naginata-hi with so-bi bilaterally.

As you can see this sword was published in the NTHK's "Token to Rekishi" #580.  The now deceased Mr. Yoshikawa, head of the original NTHK performed the polish on this sword as well as the sayagaki.  It is signed; Oite O-Edo Shinano no Kuni (Tennen Shi Toshimasa), with part in parenthesis cut off but according to Yoshikawa san that is how it should have read and Taira no Takahiro (remainder cut off).  Mr. Yoshikawa was" quite taken with the blade as is proven by his use of it for two New Year's study meetings."