Iron Tsuba designed in the motif of a Tanba or "Sail" over the waves.

This tsuba is a project piece, which was quite rusty when I obtained it. I have boned and boiled away most of the rust and grime. The iron is still a little dry, just as it appears in the photos as I have not completed it's restoration. I shot a few photos of it while shooting other pieces in order to compare them later.

Nothing spectacular about this tsuba, yet I find it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It is cut from well forged plate and the design is well balanced.

It's design is subtle enough at a glance, yet when looking deeper, the strength of the Mast, the Sail taunt in the stormy gale, the power of the sea in it's attempts to destroy all who dare venture into it's abyss, give this tsuba a very powerful feeling.

2.875" x 2.75"